About Us


We believe a soccer ball can change a life. We are teachers first, coaches second. We teach life skills that transcend the soccer field. Skyline Soccer focuses on character building as well as teaching fundamental soccer skills. Our curriculum is age-appropriate and an opportunity for student to build confidence, make new friends, and most importantly – learn from play!

Social Responsibility

We know a soccer ball can change a life. Every season we give a percentage of program fees to support students who are in low income family. Through the grant from cooperative institutions and parents, we even gives out around  $10000 in scholarships to children who could not afford to pay for soccer each year.


During these years, we have attracted some very generous sponsors to our club, and we are very grateful for their support for youth football. We never let anyone stay away from football due to economic constraints and you will help us continue to do so. You can sponsor us in a season or a past of our needs.

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